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Security Bollard Installation

Security Bollards

While  carriying out the cleaning of the exterior of your home by Purple Wellies, its always a benefit to consider your homes security.

With that in mind Purple Wellies offers a range of security bollards for your driveway. We have a range of options to choose from to suit every budget. And with 25% off our installed prices when you choose any of our cleaning services. You can have a clean, safe home courtesy of Purple Wellies.

Tall Boy bollard

One of the best value parking posts available.

Parking Post-Fold Down-Tallboy-Zinc finish for anti-corrosion

In both bolt down or concrete in versions, the post is completely removable, and when in use slots into the sockets in either the upright or down position.

This post has a separate disk lock supplied which inserts at the bottom of the post when secured. This is cleverly designed so the shackle of the lock is actually inside the post itself when fastened for extra security.

Price £200
Tall Boy Bollard
Anti Theft Special

Anti Theft Special

One of our best options of bollards is the telescopic anti-ram raid bollard. Extremely tough thanks to a steel case and interior construction, it is further secured using a disk lock that is inserted at the bottom of the post.

This choice of bollard is recommended for use for areas where perimeters must be clearly marked and entrances and/or exits - restricted. Often used in garage forecourts, these bollards ensure restricted access to just those with the key.

Very tough, very effective but simple to use.It works with ease, and is hugely reliable. It comes as standard with black and yellow tape showing you have taken due care and attention to warn people you have a post in place.

Being telescopic means that when not in use the post is lowered into the underground cylinder and fits flush with the surface, allowing safe driving over. When fully lifted out to its 540mm above ground height, a kick plate helps keep it upright. A retractable handle at the top of the post is what is used to pull up the post to its upright position.

Price £300
Anti Theft Special 1
Premium Telescopic Retractable

Premium Telescopic Retractable

This Premium Telescopic Retractable Parking Post - 745mm is a simple, cost effective, yet highly effective way to prevent unwanted vehicle access. When lowered the post is fully below ground and covered using the integral lid.) in the raised position by rotating the post 45° and then attaching the padlock between the post to the lid.

This Telescopic Retractable Parking Post - 745mm is ideal for protecting vehicle forecourts, commercial premises, car parks and domestic driveways.

Price £400
Inner BG
  • Home inside - clean & Sanitised

  • Home outside - Total Mess

We also offer flexible finance options. Whether it's an easy payment plan, or buy now and pay later, we offer a range of affordable payment options to suit your budget.


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