• Smart Clean Technology For Your Home Exterior


Walls & Roof Cleaning

  • Non-pressure washing system
  • Safe for all roofing materials & walls

Garden Area Cleaning

  • Cleans flagstones
  • Restoration of paving via brush in pointing system

Driveway Cleaning

  • Removes grime, moss and stubborn stains
  • Eco-friendly products that get results

What we do

It’s a dirty job… but someone’s got to do it

Most homeowners will keep the interior of their house clean, tidy, hygienic and looking great. The same can be said for their cars, which will often be parked gleaming on their dirty driveway.

However, it is all too common to overlook the exterior of the home, where grime and dirt gathers and embeds into cracks and brickwork. Moss, algae and weeds are also the enemy of driveways, flagstones and other exterior surfaces, all of which can give an air of neglect to a property.

By taking care of the exterior of your house, you’ll have an outside space that is a joy to sit in and entertain guests and will give you the feel-good factor every time you come home. Speak to the people at Purple Wellies exterior house cleaning services and get:

Reliable, professional and trustworthy service

The long-term benefits of maintaining the exterior of your home

Fantastic kerb appeal that makes you feel happy to arrive home

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The Smart Clean Technology Bio-Wash Solution


We offer an ecologically responsible way to maintain your property, saving you time, money and the prospect of costly maintenance further down the line.

Ecologically Responsible

We only use products that are eco-friendly. Giving you peace of mind that your clean house doesn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Preventative Maintenance

Minimise maintenance costs further down the line by asking the experts in Purple Wellies to perform a full exterior service for your property

Why Choose us

A professional team of experts

We are on a mission to rid the UK of ugly house exteriors. Together with our passionate team of knowledgeable experts we can revitalise your roof, pep up your patio – and even make your guttering look great.

Trained Professionals Using The Latest Smart Clean Technology

Experts In Grime Removal To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Fast, Professional Service – All Mess & Waste Removed

Friendly, Trustworthy Technicians Provide An Exceptional Customer Service

Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset so make sure you place it in safe hands. Our exterior house cleaning team at Purple Wellies are trained to take great care of your home. They are organised, thorough and provide a high standard of cleaning that will make your home a joy to come home to.

We believe that a great service starts with trust. That’s why the people in Purple Wellies offer an upfront consultation. We’re ethical and want to add value to the service we provide. The hard sell is simply not our style, and we’ll provide a fair and honest no obligation quotation based on your individual needs.

We all need to play our part in protecting our planet. Which is why we have taken an ethical and responsible approach to the products we use. There are no harsh chemicals, simply a bio-wash solution that’s both eco-friendly and tough on grime.

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Our Vision

We’re not the biggest exterior cleaning company out there, but we strive to be the best. We provide exceptional value and dedicated employee talent – all backed up with the exceptional and personal customer service that the big boys struggle to offer.

Our Mission

We pledge to ‘work our Purple Wellies off’ to become a leading brand in exterior cleaning services.  We aim to achieve this by developing strong relationships with all of our clients and offering a consistently high level of service and premium value.

Our History

After many years’ servicing and working in the construction and home improvement industry, we created our professional exterior cleaning and restoration company to share our knowledge and help UK homeowners protect and maintain their property’s outside spaces.