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Why should I get my gutters cleaned—and how often do they need cleaning?

We’re betting that the guttering of your home isn’t something you often think about. Most of our customers don’t notice the state of their gutters until they begin to leak, or they spot something growing in them.

The fact is gutters need TLC if they are to perform properly. We’ve seen the results of neglected and blocked gutters and the damage that they can cause your property.

But how often should you clean out your guttering? We recommend twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Autumn, and here is why:

We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some hot weather recently, which means your gutters could be harbouring dried birds’ nests and leaves. These won’t cause a problem until the first big downpour of Autumn when they will clog together and block the downpipes.  The first you’ll notice is when the gutters can’t cope with the rainwater and overflow.

If you live in the countryside, or an area with lots of established trees, then leaves and bird nests might prove more of an issue than if you live in the middle of town.  But even if your property is not near trees your gutters still need attention.  We’ve known tennis balls, dead birds—and even a remote control for a television to end up in the gutter. Your guess is as good as ours as to how it got there!

Remote controls and tennis balls aside, if you don’t invest in keeping your guttering functioning, then you might find yourself facing a costly maintenance bill or sharing your home with a host of creepy-crawlies:

Moss and mould mean leaky gutters

Dead, damp leaves, and moss will block pipes and decompose in your guttering. Then when it rains the water will become stagnant and mould will start to form.

Mould causes damp issues for homes and if it infiltrates your house then it may be expensive to treat.  The best way to ensure you never have a mould problem is to keep your gutter debris-free so the water can flow down the drainpipes away from your walls.

Reduce the risk of roof damage

If your gutters cannot drain away rainwater, then they will overflow—running the risk of giving you an impromptu cold shower when you leave the house for work.

Even worse, the water could run down the walls of your house, saturating them and weakening the cement holding the bricks together and seep into your home causing damp problems.

If you have wooden fascias, the water will cause them to rot and break away, which will do nothing to add to the aesthetics of your home and could prove costly if you need to replace them.

Creepy crawlies and feathered friends

Bugs and birds love guttering, and whilst we are keen nature lovers (all our products are pet-friendly), no one wants an infestation of bugs lodging in their property.

And if you’ve ever had a family of noisy birds nesting in the guttering above your bedroom, you’ll know just how loud their dawn chorus can be.  Who knew that regular gutter cleaning could help you get a better night’s sleep!

Book a gutter clean online and leave it to the experts

If we’ve persuaded you to take a closer look at your gutters, then that’s great! But what do you do if you spot weeds growing out of your gutter, and how do you clean them safely?

The easiest way is to book your gutter cleaning online with the Purple Wellies Team.  We’ll save you the risk of climbing ladders and you’ll be able to spend your weekend doing something more exciting than cleaning the guttering.

We use our innovative Sky-Vac technology, so our team operate safely from the ground whilst vacuuming your gutters clean. We bring all our equipment (and clean up afterwards) and there is no need to enter your home, so it’s a COVID-safe service too.

Book your gutter cleaning online with Purple Wellies today.  Use code GUTTER20 on the booking screen to get an additional 20% discount too.

Book your gutter cleaning online with Purple Wellies. We cover Bradford, Harrogate, Leeds and Yorkshire.

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