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House & Garden Wall Softwash Services

Protect brickwork and masonry from damp and restore your walls with softwash technology

House & Garden Wall Softwash Services

Utilising our softwash technology we can restore garden walls and the brickwork of your home without the use of harsh chemicals and without power-washing which has been proven to cause damage to wall surfaces.

We use an effective technique called softwashing. Our softwash service will remove years of stains, moss and mildew which discolour and damage walls.  Softwashing will restore the walls of your home and garden so they can continue to protect the walls from the elements and add kerb appeal to your property.

Preventative maintenance of your walls will also save you costly repairs or replacement further down the line. After all, the walls of your home can only protect you from wind, rain and storms effectively if they are properly maintained and protected.

We create a personalised batch of smart cleaning technology solution, which is sprayed onto the walls and agitated into pitted surface to reach all the nooks and crannies – and left to work its magic to destroy all biological contaminants.

Unlike inferior coatings from the DIY store, our protective sealant is far more effective and lasts much longer. It’s a smart clean technology solution that is ideally suited for brickwork, stonework and most forms of unprotected masonry.

Garden Wall Softwash Services Bradford
Garden Wall Softwash Services Bradford

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Our extensive know-how of bio house & garden walls softwash cleaning will get the great results your walls require and keep all surfaces free from spores and contaminants to leave it fully sanitised.

We’d be delighted to come and visit you, discuss your needs in detail and provide a free consultation to you.

We’ll deliver a smart clean technology package that’s right for your budget and your home maintenance needs. That’s the Purple Wellies Promise!

Restore – don’t paint!

We’ll restore your house walls you so don’t have to spend time painting them! We also provide annual maintenance to keep them clean and maintained to avoid costly repair bills further down the line.  Our annual package includes an application of anti-fungal wash to prevent spores. Our wall cleaning services cover house walls & garden walls.

We offer house & garden wall softwash services in Bradford, Harrogate, York and other areas of West Yorkshire areas.  Give us a call to get your free quote!

Garden Wall Softwash Services Bradford