Gravel Driveway Restoration Service

Landscape gravel is a versatile and cost-effective choice for any driveway or pathway, but without regular maintenance it can begin to look tired.

Gravel can become soiled, and over time the loss of gravel can make your driveway look bare and patchy.

The people in Purple Wellies offer a gravel driveway restoration service, it’s an environmentally friendly solution with a focus on renewing existing gravel where possible and replacing lost gravel for a fuller, richer looking driveway.

Our team remove all weeds and roots by hand, before applying an eco-friendly glyphosate weed and root killer. We’ll then leave it to work it’s magic and break down contaminants, before rinsing and sanitising and raking level to leave your gravel pristine.

Gravel Driveway Restoration, Bradford
Gravel Driveway Restoration, Bradford

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If your gravel driveway is lacking lustre. We’d be delighted to come and visit you, discuss your needs in detail and provide a free consultation to you. We’ll deliver a smart clean technology package that’s right for your budget and your home maintenance needs. That’s the Purple Wellies Promise!

Book our gravel top-up service & claim a FREE gutter clean

Purple Wellies have a reputation for standing out and giving value as a service to our customers. We are currently offering a free gutter clean for all customers who book our smart clean driveway or patio services.

We offer our Gravel Driveway Restoration services in Bradford, Harrogate, York and West Yorkshire areas. Give us a call to get your free quote!

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