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Block Paving Cleaning

Banish unsightly moss, algae and weeds from your block paving. A water-resistant sealant leaves your paving protected.

Block Paving Cleaning Service

Block paving is one of the most common driveway materials across the UK.  It looks fabulous and provides an aesthetically pleasing focal point to the exterior of your property.

But after a while, block paving can start to look tired and in need of some TLC. And that’s where the people in Purple Wellies can bring their unique cleaning power to your patio, driveway and paths to remove ingrained dirt and grime.

Our team will arrive armed with eco-friendly products, a professional and courteous manner, a large dose of elbow grease (and our trademark Purple Wellies) to set to work and pimp your block paving areas.

We have the smart clean technology to remove tyre marks, oil spills and other stubborn marks that can otherwise make your block paving look lacklustre.  We’ll also banish the weeds and remove algae and moss that could become a slipping hazard in wet conditions.

We’ll even include a water-proof sealant to finish the job to add longevity to your block paved areas. The sealers we use are high-quality and fill all the microscopic voids in the surface, impregnating the stone and protecting them from the elements. What are you waiting for?

Block Paving Cleaning, Bradford
Block Paving Cleaning, Bradford

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Dirty block paving distresses us! We’d be delighted to come and visit you, discuss your needs in detail and provide a free consultation to you. We’ll deliver a smart clean technology package that’s right for your budget and your home maintenance needs. That’s the Purple Wellies Promise!

Get the Purple Wellies Weed-Free guarantee!

We’re so confident about the quality of our service that we offer a unique weed free guarantee on all the block paving our team have cleaned for you.

We offer this to all of our customers so you can feel as confident about our block paving results as we are.

Block Paving Cleaning, Bradford