Imprinted Concrete Cleaning, Bradford

Your driveway is one of the first things that people notice about your home. A well-maintained imprinted concrete driveway can increase the kerb appeal—and value—of your house.

Concrete driveways may sound dull, but there are some relatively new techniques available which can enhance your driveway and give it an appealing finish:

Imprinted concrete (or stamped concrete) is created from a layer of concrete poured directly onto a sub-base and finished with a pattern of brickwork or textured stone to provide a lustrous wet-look sheen.

If you’ve never given much thought to your stamped concrete drive, now is the time to go outside and take a look. We’re betting that it looks a little faded or tired, there may be weeds poking through any cracks that have appeared, or an annoying stain that just won’t budge.

If we’ve just described your driveway, now it the ideal time to get it restored and resealed to protect it from the elements as winter draws in.

Why does imprinted concrete need maintenance?

All stamped concrete driveways will need to undergo some preventative maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition and looking good.

But it’s not just about aesthetics—a poorly maintained imprinted concrete driveway is susceptible to moss and mildew, which poses a risk of slips and trips to your family and visitors to your home.

At Purple Wellies, we protect our client’s driveways with a special treatment of powerful, yet eco-friendly weedkiller. This solution is designed to inhibit the return of weeds, moss and algae – especially in any expansion joints—which could otherwise be a weak point allowing weeds and moss  to reappear.

For a safer finish, we always recommend an application of a sealant which includes an anti-slip additive to make your imprinted concrete driveway a safer surface to walk across.

Protect against water ingression

An imprinted concrete driveway that has been neglected can become porous over time, allowing rain to seep into the materials and cause damage. In the winter, the lower temperatures can cause the water to freeze and expand, which can lead to cracking.

Annually resealing the driveway will help it to remain watertight and keep it looking good throughout the winter months.

Park your car on a well-maintained driveway

According to research* by motoring organisation The RAC, the average family car spends 80% of it’s time parked on the driveway.  A tired or badly maintained drive will be prone to cracks and potholes which can cause damage to the vehicle—and should your car leak fluids, you could be left with unsightly stains on your drive that won’t disappear with scrubbing or a jet-wash.

To protect your driveway, an imprinted concrete sealer should be applied every year. This is especially important if the surface is subject to a lot of wear and tear, as it will help to prevent stains and tyre marks.

Book your driveway restoration and cleaning today

Want your imprinted concrete to look impressive? Our bio-wash technology can transform your driveway to bring back the sheen and deep colour that it had when it was first installed.

Our friendly team are here to discuss your needs in detail and provide a free consultation to you. We’ll deliver a smart clean technology package that’s right for your budget and your home maintenance needs. That’s the Purple Wellies Promise!

*Source: RAC Report

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